Constructed in stone and tastefully detailed, mausolea at Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery offer families the option of selecting their final resting place above ground. Families may choose from either an indoor or outdoor setting as well as personalization of their crypt front. The different mausolea add to the uniqueness of our cemetery and the richness of our diversity as a cemetery open to all people.

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Public Mausoleums

  $7,190 to $17,600

Built over the past several decades to enhance the beauty of the Cemetery, mausoleums blend with the lushness of the lawn and monument areas. These well-planned, designed buildings offer indoor and outdoor crypts for those who desire particular aboveground enclosures for there loved ones. These entombments provide memorialization by inscription of names and dates on granite and marble crypt fronts. Our Cemetery hopes to make each visit private, convenient and comfortable for every family. Our newest public mausoleum, the Chapel of Roses First Addition Mausoleum, is highlighted by the Serenity Chapel, the Library and Courtyard. The Cemetery invites all to visit our new building as a possible option for entombment.

Upright Monuments

Chapel of Roses

 $8,150 to $23,250

The Serenity Chapel in the Chapel of Roses Mausoleum, graced with sculpted cherubs and a life-sized statue of Christ, is a quiet sanctuary perfect for prayer and remembrance. Votive candles illuminate each crypt, creating a setting both beautiful and solemn, further enhancing this mausoleum's spiritual atmosphere. In the Courtyard, a handcrafted mural and fountain created by renowned artist Jack Curran is a tribute to nature's eternal beauty and reminds us how our relationship with her enhances our lives.

Upright Monuments

Private Mausoleums Lots

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For those who might prefer a more exclusive setting, Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery offers several areas for private estates in which lot owners may choose to erect a private building. These separate buildings are for those families who want a more creative & personalized resting place.

Upright Monuments