Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

APRIL 6, 2020



At Rosehill Crematory and Rosedale and Rosehill Cemeteries and in compliance with the recently enacted Governor of New Jersey Executive orders #107/108, specifically where stated “New Jersey residents (are) to remain home or at their place of residence” and “cancel social gatherings” and to refrain from any non-essential public interaction, the following will be in effect combined with additional  Crematory and Cemetery practices to  help safeguard against the spread of the Coronavirus.

As well, we genuinely and respectfully ask that any Funeral Director who has been exposed to COVID-19 cases who are themselves experiencing COVID-19 symptoms refrain from coming to our Crematory or Cemeteries - our daily objective is to stay healthy and functioning to serve the needs of our customers and community.


  • NEW - Funeral Directors will be required to schedule ALL drop-offs. COVID-19 cases will be received only at their scheduled time. Funeral Directors without an appointment will be refused service.
  • The Rosehill Columbarium & Chapel is closed to the General Public (there are no public restrooms or facilities open and available).
  • Only one funeral director will be allowed in the Crematory and office at a time - access will be through our rear entrance door and guided by Crematory Personnel.
  • IN ADVANCE OF ARRIVAL, Funeral directors are asked to notify Crematory Personnel of any case where COVID-19 was a contributing factor to the cause of death - these cremations will take place immediately without delay.
  • Witnessing of cremations will be limited to funeral directors only.
  • Transferring of human remains from rental caskets for cremation will not be permitted.
  • All human remains for cremation must be in leak-proof totally enclosed containers.
  • Only existing Rosehill Crematory customers will be provided service.
  • All necessary paperwork must be complete and presented at the time of drop-off .  Crematory Personnel will deny service if necessary documents are missing or incomplete.
  • Shipping of Cremated Remains via USPS Priority Express Mail has been suspended.
  • Medical School cadavers for cremation will not be accepted.


  • NEW - ALL interment and entombment orders will be taken and scheduled based on daily availability - this includes BOTH pre-need and at-need funeral arrangements.  Funeral Directors are asked to call and confirm availability BEFORE committing to a specific day and time with their families.
  • All Offices and Cemeteries are closed and are only accessible to Licensed Funeral Directors.
  • All Rosedale and Rosehill public buildings, restroom facilities and mausoleums are closed.
  • Only licensed Funeral Directors, their direct staff , and one next of kin are permitted to oversee and attend in-ground burials or entombments. FUNERALS WILL BE DENIED SERVICE IF THIS GUIDELINE IS NOT COMPLIED WITH.
  • When placing interment/entombment orders, Funeral Directors are asked to advise Cemetery personnel if COVID-19 was a contributing factor to the cause of death.
  • On a case-by-case basis, a determination will be made to wipe down and disinfect caskets and casket handles prior to Cemetery personnel carrying and handling a casket.
  • Unless Court ordered, all disinterments have been suspended.
  • For the inurnment or interment of cremated remains, Families and Funeral Homes are asked to contact our office for guidance and instruction. A determination will be made when/if the inurnment can or will take place.
  • Monument dealer activity (i.e. setting of memorials, office interaction with setting passes) has been suspended.