Cemetery Announcements

Spring / Summer 2019

Through the Spring and Summer months of 2019, there will be an extensive effort to work through our sections addressing those grave spaces needing care and those areas that were disrupted as a result of funeral activity. Across this period of time, work will continue – weather and ground conditions permitting.

Over time grave spaces that have been opened within the last number of months will continue to settle (there can be a “drop” or “going down” of as much as 12 to 18 inches). More soil will be added and the areas will be raked out with seed and fertilizer applied. As well, particularly in our memorial park sections, memorials that were removed due to a grave opening will stay out of position for a period of time; once the ground and area firms up, the memorial will be placed back into its original location. As always, we appreciate your patience as this work takes place.

Please, when visiting, take extra precautions when moving about the property. Roadways and access to grave spaces can be slippery and difficult to access depending on recent weather. Do not attempt to access any area that appears to be unsafe to walk or travel due to the condition of the ground (e.g. muddy fully saturated areas, recessed or depressed areas of ground, etc...).